Netflux Usability Testing

User Is The King

Success of a website or any other web application depends upon the end users who will be using it.

Web Usability is the ease of using a website.Every one knows how to use a website,clicking on the links and when they feel smart and confident to use your website, they tend to use it more and come back again.But the worst scenario is when user start feeling confused and stupid while using website.This usually happens when they don't know how to use your website because its too complicated.

Sometimes a very beautiful website is hard to understand and a plain website is very functional and easy to be used.This is why usability testing is needed.

Our Usability Testing Involves :-

  • Requirement Analysis

    Determine the goals for the website from the perspective of the user and the business.

  • Conceptual Design

    To build design and architecture which will target on user needs and preferences.

  • Prototypes & Production

    Create a Site Map Diagram based on usability requirements to depict the website’s optimal navigation and organization.

  • Launch & Maintenance

    Launch the website and Maintain the user's feedback.